Please send us an email about your winemaking experience at Valley Wines to valleywines@bellnet.ca with a subject line 'Testimonials'.

Since its opening we have made our wine at Valley Wines. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to choosing which one to make, and the product is always delicious.
Yves and Marilyn Charbonneau

I had a really great time making my wine at Valley Wines.  I found the staff very helpful in helping me make an informed decision about which wines to choose.  The experience was great and is definitely worth the drive.
Amanda MacNeil
Just wanted to tell you how much we/I enjoy the 6-week Amarone.  It is such an excellent full-bodied and rich tasting wine.  We are always sharing it with, and recommending it to, others!
Mike & Melanie Theil

Loved the whole experience at Valley Wines. Brian was extremely helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable about wines. When we went to bottle, it was a "painless" and pleasant experience. Definitely will be back!
Marilyn Pantermoller

I always enjoy reading your Newsletter....and will continue making fine wines with you. The Feb. tip about keeping the wine bottles upright for 7-10 days is new to me; no I have not been doing that, but will next time around.....to get even better wine?
Your business and your contribution to our communityare really appreciated.                    
Thank you and do not give up!
Gene Lemieux