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NEW HOURS (We are now open late on Wednesday night)

Valley Wines is a ferment on premise store in downtown Deep River, Ontario. We allow you to produce your own delicious wine for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay at maket.

The first step is choosing your wine. We'll help you select the best variety for your needs, and explain the process. We will also mix the kit for you during your first visit. All you have to do is add the yeast!

Once your wine is underway, we'll look after it for you; racking, de-gassing, and filtering will all be completed at the appropriate time. When you come back in 4 - 7 weeks (depending on the wine kit you choose) your wine will be ready for bottling. We'll have everything set up for you and offer a demonstration on cleaning/sterilizing, filling and corking your wine bottles. After that you can dress up your wine, adding colourful shrink caps and generic or custom made labels.

That’s all it takes! Now just bring your wine home and enjoy! It is best to wait a few months before serving it in order to get the best flavour.

No appointment is necessary to start a batch of wine, but a scheduled appointment for bottling will be made during your first visit. We're open six days a week, and welcome customers from all over Northeastern Ontario, from North Bay to Renfrew and everywhere in between. We're located in the municipality of Deep River.

At Valley Wines we strive to offer great customer service. Our shop is clean and comfortable so you can enjoy your wine making experience. We often have sales and offer benefits, like our customer referral program. We are also very active in the community, promoting the arts and donating to local charities as much as possible and we have been a sponsor of the Deep River Summer Fest since 2006.

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